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Mushroom, Lentil & Harissa Stew by Bitter Lemon Food

delicious, straightforward recipes that make cooking every evening a pleasure


A lemon is the simplest ingredient you can use to bring a dish to life; its simplicity and impact lives through everything we do.


Bitter lemon is a recipe website focused on providing delicious veggie-packed recipes to get people excited about cooking from fresh every evening.


It is run by Lily & Leowho develop, test and photograph every recipe to make them the best they possibly can be for you at home.

stock up on 50 cupboard ingredients and only buy a few fresh ingredients each time you cook

Using the same 50 cupboard ingredients across all of our recipes means we only have to buy a couple of fresh ingredients each time we cook. This helps with buying less on shopping trips and cooking last minute meals. 

Our 50 most important cupboard ingredients may sound like a lot but you probably have lots of them already. Try stocking up on the ingredients you’ll use again and again when cooking our recipes.

We've created a collection of the most simple, yet delicious recipes using accessible ingredients and simple techniques that each and everyone can cook.

We never compromise on taste – just how a lemon is simple with intense flavour. Although our dishes are simple, they are all designed with flavour at the heart.

with a focus on recipes that anyone can cook,  whatever cooking experience or budget

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about lily 

After studying at university in Bristol, I found myself working in brand strategy. I had a healthy obsession with cooking and finally decided to give up my job and enrol at Leiths school of Food & Wine. Following my studies, I spent my time gaining experience across different areas of the food industry; from working as a chef at Noma (Copenhagen), to recipe testing for BBC Good Food and running supper clubs with Leiths School under my own company, The Amateur Table.


I've now been a plant-based recipe writer for 5 years, working on content for brands such as Mr Bao and deliciously ella, as well as developing recipes for charity cookbooks such as Cook for Syria and From Beder's Kitchen.

about leo

Leo likes to be more humble about his involvement in bitter lemon. Truth is, he's the driving force of what makes it great; from the endless enthusiasm and ideas he brings to the table, to the late nights of photographing and eating the final results. His Dad is a professional photographer who taught him how to create impactful shots, every photo you see on this website is Leo's hard work. 

We started bitter lemon in the summer of 2020, during lockdown - we were staying with Leo's family in Kent, cooking big family meals and trying not to break the bank. We had a huge amount of requests for the recipes and decided to put our talents to the test as a way to share them with friends and family.

Bitter Lemon team
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