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stock up the 50 cupboard ingredients and

only buy the fresh items each time you cook a recipe

Using the same cupboard ingredients across all of our recipes means we only have to buy a couple of fresh ingredients each time we make a recipe. This helps us with buying less on shopping trips, cooking last minute meals and stocking the house with accessible ingredients.


We've put a list of the cupboard ingredients we use below for you below, try stocking up and buying less every time you cook a recipe.


in a jar

6. harissa paste 

7. brown rice miso paste

8. sun-dried/semi-blushed tomatoes

9. mustard (Dijon, wholegrain)

dried fruit,

nuts & seeds 

1. cashews 

2. walnuts

3. almonds 

4. ground almonds

5. raisins


& sugars

10. flour (plain, self-raising)

11. baking powder 

12. golden caster sugar 




13. chickpeas 

14. cannellini/butter beans

15. black beans 

16. coconut milk 

17. tinned tomatoes 

18. sweetcorn 


& milks

19. almond/oat milk 

20. almond butter 

21. peanut butter

22. tahini  

dried herbs

& spices

23. smoked paprika 

24. ground cumin 

25. dried rosemary

26. dried thyme

27. cinnamon​

28. curry powder

29. turmeric

30. chilli flakes 

31. cayenne powder

32. cumin seeds



33. olive oil 

34. coconut oil 

35. sesame oil

36. mirin

37. tamari/soy sauce 

38. brown rice vinegar

39. apple cider vinegar

40. balsamic vinegar  

rice, pasta

& grains

41. brown rice 

42. red lentils 

43. oats (porridge/jumbo)

44. pearl barley

45. noodles (udon, ramen, soba)

46. pasta (orzo, penne, lasagne sheets)



47. vegetable stock cubes

48. tomato puree

49. dark chocolate

50. sea salt


always good to have in the fridge/freezer




red onions 



frozen peas

frozen berries

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