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simple dark chocolate semifreddo

This dessert feels almost too good to be true. It takes literally 10 minutes to put together before being left to freeze, and feels so impressive. We get a plea for the recipe every time we serve it for friends - so here it is! Once you've made it a couple of times, you can play around with the ingredients you mix through - flaked almonds and dark chocolate pieces make it very quick but salted caramel bits, caramelised nuts and stem ginger would also be fantastic.

Makes 1 semifreddo, feeds about 6 & takes 30 minutes to make (plus freezing overnight)


  • 3 large egg whites (make sure they are pasteurised)

  • 200ml double cream

  • 60g golden caster sugar

  • 100g dark chocolate, cut into small pieces

  • Handful of toasted flaked almonds

For the topping:

  • 100g dark chocolate

  • Handful of toasted flaked almonds


1. Line a small sized loaf tin with cling film or baking parchment.

2. Place the egg whites into a large clean bowl and whisk until they become thick and hold their shape - I use an electric whisk to do this. You can do it by hand, it will just take a little longer.

3. Once the eggs whites hold their shape, sprinkle in half of the sugar and continue to whisk until the mixture forms stiff peaks. At this point, add the remaining sugar and whisk again until the mixture comes together.

4. In a separate bowl, whisk the double cream until thick - being sure to stop once it holds its shape so as not to over whisk. Because we whisk the egg whites first, you can use the same whisk without having to wash it up.

5. Once you have both mixtures, fold the cream into the egg white mixture and stir a few times until the mixture comes together. Then stir through the dark chocolate pieces and flaked almonds.

6. Spoon the mixture into the lined loaf tin and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

Once ready to serve, place the remaining dark chocolate into a small pan over a very low heat. Stir continuously until all of the chocolate has melted.

7. Flip the semifreddo out from the loaf tin onto a serving plate, peeling off the cling film. Spoon over the melted chocolate and sprinkle with some flaked almonds.


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