easy eggs Benedict with cashew hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise and poached eggs are two things I've always struggled to have the patience to make at the best of times, which is why I created this simple alternative. It's creamy, packed full of flavour and takes literally 5 minutes to make. I promise you won't be disappointed. The cashew hollandaise sauce is a fool-proof equivalent to the traditional breakfast dish and is one of our favourite things to make on weekend breakfasts. The eggs are cooked in a way to make sure you don't have to worry about them being hard or breaking, you can always replace them with more traditional poached eggs if you're better at them than me.

Serves 2 & takes 20 minutes to cook


For the eggs

  • 4 organic eggs

  • 4 slices of toast, or breakfast muffins

  • 1-2 soft and ripe avocados

  • Salt and pepper

For the cashew hollandaise sauce

  • 200g cashews

  • 1 garlic clove

  • 250ml almond milk

  • 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard, plus 1 wholegrain if you have it

  • Juice of 1 lemon

  • ½ teaspoon of paprika

  • Salt


1. Start by making the sauce. Place the cashews into a small bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave to soak for at least 10 minutes. Once the cashews have become soft, drain.

2. Place all of the sauce ingredients into a powerful blender or food processor and blend until all of the ingredients come together to make a smooth sauce. You may want to add a dash more almond milk if the mixture feels too thick.

3. Boil the kettle and pour the hot water into a small pan over a medium heat. Once bubbling, place the eggs in. As soon as they are in the water, put on a timer for 6 minutes.

4. While the eggs cook, put the bread on to toast. Cut the avocado(s) into thin slices.

5. As soon as the eggs have had 6 minutes in the boiling water, drain the water and run them under cold water to stop any further cooking.

6. Once ready to serve, crack each egg and remove the shell, carefully trying to ensure it doesn’t split open the eggs.

7. Place a few slices of avocado on the top of each piece of toast and top with one egg, before pouring over a quarter of the sauce. Repeat this until you have four slices of toast, with four eggs and an even amount of the sauce.

8. Serve with a sprinkle of paprika and a good crack of pepper on top.